Chaincode Residency
June 10th - August 30th 2019



We invite you to immerse yourself in Bitcoin this summer. Chaincode Labs is hosting a Bitcoin residency program in our offices in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

This residency's format fuses an onboarding seminar period with a two-month project-based residency under the guidance of established Bitcoin and Lightning Network developers. This will allow residents to put their theoretical learnings to use by making meaningful contributions to open-source projects.

Becoming a Bitcoin Protocol Developer

(~2-3 weeks) Sessions to bootstrap the knowledge of developers by diving deep into security concerns, adversarial thinking, and approaches to Bitcoin and Lightning protocol design.

Project Based Learning

(~2 months) Unstructured time for residents to contribute to open-source projects or work on a personal project of their choosing. Each resident will be assigned a mentor for the duration of the program.

Speakers & Mentors

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Christian Decker

Christian is an engineer at Blockstream where he works on the specification and implementation of the Lightning Network. He has been a contributor to Bitcoin since 2009.
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Neha Narula

Neha is the Director of the Digital Currency Initiative at the MIT Media Lab. Her areas of interest include distributed systems, databases, and programmable money.
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Matt Corallo

Matt has been contributing to Bitcoin Core since 2011. Some of his projects include: the Elements Sidechain, the Bitcoin FIBRE project, and Rust-Lightning.
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Giulia Fanti

Giulia is an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University where her research interests span the algorithmic foundations of blockchains, distributed systems, and privacy-preserving technologies.
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Andrew Poelstra

Andrew is the Director of Research at Blockstream and a contributor to Bitcoin since 2011. His areas of interested include Mimblewimble, scriptless scripts, libsecp256k1.
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Alex Bosworth

Alex is the lightning infrastructure lead at Lightning Labs. Previously, he created some of the most popular examples of lightning applications including,, and
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Wilmer Paulino

Wilmer started committing to LND in 2017 and quickly became one of the core contributors. As a software engineer at Lightning Labs where he focuses on developent of Neutrino and the routing backbone of the Lightning Network.
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John Newbery

John works at Chaincode Labs and has been contributing to Bitcoin Core since 2016. He set up Bitcoin Optech in 2018 to help Bitcoin companies adopt scaling technologies.
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Gregory Sanders

Gregory works at Blockstream where he focuses on production federated sidechains connected to the Bitcoin network. A part-time contributor to Bitcoin Core, he is interested in practical wallet technology and security.
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Suhas Daftuar

In 2014, Suhas co-founded Chaincode Labs to create a place for engineers and scientists to support the development of decentralized digital currencies and further our collective understanding of how such technologies can work.
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Kalle Alm

Kalle is a Swedish developer and Bitcoin Core Contributor since 2016 who has authored BIPs 98, 116, 117, 154, 178, and 322. He currently works as a manager at Digital Garage.
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Jonas Nick

Jonas is a researcher at Blockstream working on the Liquid network. His areas of interest include secp256k1, scriptless scripts, and blind signatures.
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Sjors Provoost

Sjors is a physicist turned software developer and Bitcoin enthusiast. He focused on developing the the web wallet at from 2014-2017 and has been contributing to Bitcoin Core since mid-2017.
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Jonas Schnelli

Jonas is a Bitcoin Core developer and the co-founder of Bitbox. He also develops and created libbtc, a Bitcoin library written in C.
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Alex Morcos

Alex discovered his passion for Bitcoin in 2012, and in 2014 he co-founded Chaincode with Suhas. He has enjoyed contributing to Bitcoin Core and learning about the exciting nascent field of cryptocurrency ever since.
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Fabrice Drouin

Fabrice worked on large-scale distributed systems in the security industry before he discovered Bitcoin in 2012 and co-founded ACINQ in 2014, one of the companies building and deploying the Lightning Network.
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Johan Torås Halseth

Johan is an engineer at Lightning Labs, where he works on LND, Neutrino and other projects in the golang Bitcoin stack. He discovered Bitcoin in 2015 and has been annoying people with the topic ever since.
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René Pickhardt

Rene is an independent Lightning Network Protocol developer. He works on an open source book about the Lightning Network and runs a YouTube channel devoted to teaching about the Lightning Network Protocol.
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Carl Dong

Carl is a developer at Chaincode Labs where he contributes to rust-bitcoin and Bitcoin Core. He is excited about systems engineering and incentive-compatible uses of permissionless money.
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Will O'Beirne

Will is an open source Lightning developer who created Joule and the WebLN standard. He's currently focused on projects and tools to make Lightning development awesome.
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Samuel Dobson

Samuel is a PhD student at the University of Auckland, focusing on cryptography. He has been contributing part-time to Bitcoin Core since 2017 and is the wallet maintainer for the project.
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